We are honored to present you distinctive champagne producer Lallier whose wines are exclusively imported to Russia by ''Global Wine Distribution' company.

Lallier offers refined expressive Grand Cru champagne wines possessing their own style and character. Due to especially high requirements to wine materials and all production stages, Lallier wines are produced in small volumes.

Francis Tribault, representing the fourth generation of champagne wines producers in Marne, and the today owner and cellar master of Lallier, is convinced that there is the need of creating a new path between winemakers who are predominantly used to work with mono cru and giant wine companies. It is precisely the guiding principle of Lallier, producing the great champagne at le Cellier d’Oger (Champagne), a place where hypermodern equipment amazingly meets techniques based on the expertise and skills of the forerunners who founded this distinguished estate.

Lallier's philosophy is to express the spirit of terroir in each cuve preserving all the range of distinctive flavors. Addition of dosing liquor during disgorgement is always calculated and very delicate in order to preserve the original champagne qualities.

Lallier's motto: "To hear the world and to sense trends. And doing so in excellent mood, preferably in company of magnificent champagne and marvelous cuisine!"

Francis Tribault says: "Lallier feels itself fully adapted to the modern world. We do not part wine from gastronomy. On the contrary, just as distinguished chefs, we follow a neo-epicurean approach: consider seasonality, work with a flawless product only, always be open to new world trends. We believe that Lallier champagne is an ideal accompaniment on the table."

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